An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kaity, and I am an avid lover of learning. I have taken a psychology course in high school, yet there is so much I do not know about this broad and important subject. My main reason for taking this course is to expand my personal body of knowledge.

When I hear the word “psychology,” I think about the countless functions that occur within the brain as humans experience their day-to-day routines.

Among the plethora of topics taught during the semester, I am most excited to learn about memories, stress, and personality. As a college student, I struggle to remember a lot of information sans studying, and would love to know how memories work. Likewise, stress is a large factor in the lives of many folks, and I seek to remedy stress for myself and others. I have taken the extended Myers-Briggs personality test in the past, and understanding personality will be a very helpful tool as I develop into a working adult.

However, there are some topics that I automatically deemed as lackluster, such as learning to get good sleep, obedience, and the theories of intelligence. I try to avoid learning about sleep primarily because I am notorious for staying up late, and in turn receive plenty of criticism on my sleeping habits. Likewise, the topic of obedience reminds me of multiple works like A Clockwork Orange, and South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut; both of these show examples of forced “good” behavior upon young minds. Learning about obedience hopefully will not be as drastic as using the Ludovico’s Technique on Alex, or the V Chip on Eric Cartman. I am highly unfamiliar with the various theories of intelligence, and therefore worry the topic might be somewhat dry. However, positive mindsets can often overcome negative feelings, and I desire to enjoy all topics equally.

A personal tidbit about myself: I have a twin sister. There have been countless occasions where we have gotten along, and about twice as many where we have not. I am beyond curious to know how my sister and I developed such different world views though we were raised in the same environment. If I could learn one thing from this course, I would want to know how personality is fabricated and built upon as a person progresses through their life.

One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Welcome to the course Kaity! Don’t worry, when we discuss obedience there will be no aversion therapy or brain implants as part of class. We will discuss nature vs. nurture in several different contexts this semester, so hopefully that will help you put your experiences with your twin into context. We will talk a little bit about the Myers-Briggs Type Index when we cover personality, but as you’ll see when we get there it’s not actually a very popular test among psychologists. It is more often used by folks in business or other areas. We will talk about why and give some alternatives. You should get a lot of practical tips you can use to help with your memory and stress levels over the course of the semester, and maybe even a thing or two about how to better manage your sleep.

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