Sleep – First Impression Post

Like many college students, my sleep schedule is completely chaotic. Between accidental naps lasting over five hours, staying up until four in the morning, and sleeping in until three in the afternoon – it is evident my circadian rhythms are totally off. My social life, hobbies, and schoolwork tend to come first, and my need for sleep is usually substituted with caffeine, sugar, and my ADHD. My biggest concern with losing sleep is how late I end up sleeping in. In fact, I do not even hear my alarm go off in the mornings most of the time.

I am beyond fortunate to have a schedule that only includes a 9:30 once a week. Generally I get the chance to sleep in until 10 AM, so I tend to stay up later to compensate for the time I lost in the morning to sleep. However, I understand this method is not favorable for me, as my body expects me to sleep in all the time and stay up late every night. My goal is to implement some type of activity to do every morning so I can rise sooner and go to bed earlier.

While some folks may consider my sleeping habits to be atrocious, I just accept that my mind will only be tired when it wants to be. Recently I have been taking melatonin pills prior to going to bed in hopes I will fall asleep. Likewise, I go to the gym daily in an attempt to make myself more tired. I hope I can maintain this habit, and further improve it by overcoming my addiction to nicotine, which causes my heart rate to increase. Through making healthier choices, such as eating better, exercising regularly, and finding my way to bed before 2 AM, I believe I can improve my sleep habits.

2 thoughts on “Sleep – First Impression Post

  1. Hi Kaity!
    It is completely normal as a college student to have a chaotic sleep schedule. I agree that between social activities, hobbies, and schoolwork, sleep can easily get pushed aside. This can cause students to have little to no sleep during the week but then hours of binge sleeping on the weekend. However, all this does is induce a jet lag on the body, making it even harder for students to have a normal sleep schedule during the following week.

    Some advice I would give in order to start waking up earlier would be to shorten your naps to about 15 or 20 minutes. Otherwise, those long, five-hour naps can disrupt your sleep patterns even more. Also, even though caffeine and sugar can give a boost of energy, you should make sure that you are not consuming caffeine six hours before you go to bed. You also want to make sure that your bed is tidy, cool, and in an environment where you can fully relax. It is also a great idea that you are going to the gym every day in order to induce tiredness earlier into the night. However, you want to be careful and make sure that you are not exercising 4 hours before you go to bed. I wish you luck in adjusting your sleep schedule!


  2. Kaity,

    I also agree with the constant strive to want to compensate the amount of sleep based off how much you had gotten the night before. I also find myself trying to wake up earlier to make a set schedule to sleep, but I find it hard when your schedule for college is inconsistent. In high school, everyone went to school at the same time and was done for the day at the same time, so in theory, everyone should have been on the same time frame of waking up.
    I find myself trying to not take naps during the day as if I take one during the day, I won’t sleep at night. Yet my roommate falls into the same conflict as you where she takes naps that last three hours on end. I think taking melatonin is a good idea to help get sleep, but I would try to also focus on making sure you are getting sleep that will be beneficial. Not close your eyes for 4 hours and then start your day. You want to make sure you get enough REM so that you don’t find your body taking it from you during the day!
    Thanks for sharing!


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