Personality First Impression Prompt

I have always had an excellent gauge on who I am as a person. I seek fun, adventure, fulfillment in my personal life and helping others reach their fullest potential. Personality tests are fun, but I take them with a grain of salt – we are ever changing as humans and we grow from our experiences every day. Generalizing results will not achieve anything besides giving people arbitrary titles like ENTJ or INFP – yet cannot accurately gauge who someone is.

Interestingly enough, I got ENFP as the result for the first and second personality test. The third test indicates I am very extroverted and imaginative, pretty agreeable, moderately conscientious, and somewhat emotionally stable. I feel as though the third test reflected the results of the first two tests. I was not a fan of the color test – though it did yield results that I felt applied to me pretty well. The results felt very horoscope-esque, because it assumes a lot about a person based on the colors we choose. Color preference is pretty arbitrary, much like your zodiac sign.

I struggle to believe in personality tests because they sometimes stem from pseudoscience. During my first year at Elizabethtown College I took a plethora of extensive personality tests in one of my business classes during the spring semester. At the time I believed I could figure out who I am from these tests because data has been collected extensively over the years to make tests such as Clifton Strengths and the Myers-Briggs personality test more accurate. I studied Carl Jung’s work on character archetypes in my first year seminar and was super stoked to know my personality type. I have been told I am an ENFP by multiple tests I have taken over the years, yet I think personality is a bit more complex than the Myers-Briggs test might indicate. In my opinion, none of these tests are credible because the quizzes are too generalized. Determining personality is a lot more complicated than taking a 5 minute quiz.

One thought on “Personality First Impression Prompt

  1. Hi Kaity,

    First off, I am the same way, I had to take all of those personality quizzes freshman year as well. I thought it would give me an insight and be able to help me with interviews so I would know what my strengths and weaknesses were. My Myers Briggs was an IFSJ, and I thought as well that it matched with what I had already known. I also agree that you have to take them with a grain of salt, because a computer certainly can’t know everything about you, or how you operate, it can at best get a generalized idea about it. I think it’s interesting who we become friends with as adults, because like it talked about in the book, introverts are usually better at reading others’ emotions, which to me means we can empathize better and understand people more. My two best friends are very different, one is more introverted and the other is more extroverted, and I just think it’s interesting that we ended up with each other, despite our differences. I think one big impact on the tis with the environment we chose to surround ourselves in, coming to Etown, and the places we hang out is where we surrounded ourselves with a great group of people. Another part about personality quizzes that I think get confused answers is the idea of “Possible Selves”. I think a lot of times, people tend to answer more aligning with who they want to be, not who they are now. I think this could end up messing with the results. Overall, I thought you had an interesting response, and I related to it a lot, nice job!


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